Setting Up GoToConnect Mobile App

Setting Up GoToConnect Mobile App

With the GoToConnect mobile app, you can stay connected without having to be tied down to a traditional desk phone. Instead of having calls forwarded to your personal cell phone, keep track of all business-related calls from your mobile device! Download here: iOS and Android.

In order to use GoToConnect's soft phone options, you will need to have an existing desk phone configured for you. If you have NOT been assigned a direct line and extension, please reach out to IT by submitting a Helpdesk ticket.


Sign in using your work email, and on the password screen click the Microsoft icon to sign in using your Office365 credentials (pro tip: your Outlook password).

Once signed in, the soft phone has the same capabilities as a regular desk phone – access to Crossmedia's internal company directory, make/receive calls, and access to voicemail.

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