GoTo Meeting: Setting Up + Features

GoTo Meeting: Setting Up + Features

GoTo Meeting is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software that allows you to organize and meet with other users in real time.

Setting Up

To kick off the process, you should've received a welcome email prompting you to log into your account. Bookmark this login page for ease of use!


You will use your Office 365 credentials by clicking the Microsoft icon, shown above. (Pro tip: your work email and Outlook password)

The next screen is a walkthrough on how to set up your personal meeting page – it can be as unique as you want, but we recommend keeping it professional with just your first and last name.


GoTo Meeting is more than a platform to hold online meetings – scheduling a meeting will also generate your own personal conference line! Additionally, you're not restricted to invite callers within the United States. There are 17 different countries available to call in.

With offices in Germany and the UK, we highly recommend including those countries during set up. You can include all 17 countries available to you as well. Once selected, please choose a preferred country number by selecting the star icon to the right of the country name.


And you're all set! We encourage you to watch this short video on how to schedule your first meeting, which also includes resources on other helpful tips and tricks when using the platform.

For any assistance or questions regarding GoTo Meeting, please submit a Helpdesk ticket.

Create a Dial-In Number for Reoccurring Conference Calls

This can be done by creating an Online Meeting Room, which generates a static phone number with conferencing capabilities.

On your GoTo Meeting homepage, click the blue Create Meeting button on the left side.

There will be an on-screen window asking for meeting information. You can name the meeting anything you'd like, but we highly suggest something like "Conference Call Dial-in" so that it's easy for you to differentiate it from other meetings.

Be sure to select Online meeting room so that the meeting information doesn't expire.

Once saved, your newly created meeting will be nested under the Rooms tab of your GoTo Meeting dashboard. You can use the generated conference number whenever it is needed – just be sure to include the Access Code when informing your guests! 

How to Record a Meeting

Start your meeting as usual, then hit the Record button at the bottom-left corner of the GoTo Meeting screen.


How to Check/Change Transcription and Sharing Settings

Go to your account and click on the Settings tab:


You also get an automatic message with the recording and transcript after your meetings:


How to Add a Co-organizer to a Meeting

You can collaborate and include team members to be a co-organizer – this allows access to the same organizer tools, help facilitate the meeting, and even start the meeting on your behalf.

To do so, navigate to the user portal and locate the meeting you'd like to add a co-organizer to. On the right side, select the Edit icon.

Select the Co-organizers tab, and type in team member's email. You can add multiple co-organizers to a meeting.

Additional Features

Customized Welcome Message

Create a more personalized touch from start to finish: customize a welcome message to greet attendees.


Drawing tools

A truly collaborative meeting is more than a one-person show. You may have the perfect presentation ready to go, but the real magic happens when the rest of your team can jump in and contribute. 

Installing the GoTo Meeting Scheduler

GoTo Meeting released an Office 365 integration, which allows you to generate meeting details within Outlook. To download the plug-in, click Get Add-Ins on your Outlook Home ribbon.

The Office Add-Ins Store will open in a separate window, where you can search for GoTo Meeting in the top right search bar.

Once installed, the GoTo Meeting scheduler is baked into the Outlook calendar when creating a meeting – you'll have to scroll over to the right of the ribbon to see the GoTo Meeting icon. You'll have to sign in and allow all permissions when prompted.

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