Freewheel and Citrix Workspace

Freewheel and Citrix Workspace

There's a pre-recorded training video, "Overview of the Strata Platform", that you are required to watch as part of onboarding. It includes the topics of installing Citrix Workspace and changing Windows (☣️) firewall privacy settings to make sure everything works properly.

Fun fact – You can skip minutes 01:57-10:03 of the video because:
A) We already deployed Citrix Workspace to your computer automatically (🖖)
B) There's no Windows (☣️) settings for us to change

How do I know if Citrix Workspace is installed on my computer?

That mysterious new icon on the top-right corner of your screen is Citrix Workspace. You can reach out to on the off chance you can't find it.

How does Citrix work?

Citrix Workspace provides an environment for running applications.

When you login to the Strata portal, you are given access to a number of applications. Once you click on the desired app, your browser will hand it over to Citrix Workspace for execution on its own environment and window.

The first time you go through this process, the browser (Safari in the example below) will ask you for permission to launch Citrix Workspace – click Allow (it may ask you multiple times). After that, the desired app will load in a new window, ready for your to login.