Bizhub App

Bizhub App

Printer Remote Operating Instructions:


  1. Download and install the Bizhub RA App:
  1. Make sure that you are connected to “xmguest” network on your phone
  2. Open the app. The screen should look similar to the picture below:

Figure 1 - Home Screen of Bizhub App

  1. Select the “Panel Link” button. You should see a screen similar to the one below:

Figure 2 - Panel Select Screen

  1. Find the IP Address of the printer you are connecting to. If it’s your first time connecting, the IP will be written on the printer as seen below (10.100.20.#). If you’ve already connected to the printer, you can click on “MFP Select” and go to the history tab to see previous printers.
  1. Note – After connecting to a printer, you can click the “Edit” button in the history tab of MFP Select to name the printer for easier recall if you use multiple different printers

Figure 3- Location of IP Address

Figure 4 - History of Previous Printers

  1. Once connected, you will see the screen below

Figure 5 - Home Screen Once Connected to Printer


  1. From the home screen shown above, select your desired settings as follows:
  1. Color – The color that you want your copy to come out
  2. Paper – The size of your copy. Leaving this as auto is usually the best option
  3. Zoom – If you want to copy to a larger piece of paper. Default is 100% (a standard 1 to 1 copy)
  4. Original -> Output – This specifies whether your original document is 1 sided or 2 sided, and how you would like the copies to come out. 2Sided -> 1Sided means it will print your original 2-sided document on 2 individual pieces of paper, while 1Sided -> 2Sided means it would combine 2 pages of your original document into one double sided page.
  5. No. of Sets – This specifies the number of copies to make
  1. Once all settings are in, press the grey bar at the bottom of the screen to bring up the buttons normally found on the printer, and press “Start” 


Figure 6- Button for Printer Options

Figure 7 - Location of "Start" button

  1. Place all documents to scan in the top input tray if able. From the home screen, click the double arrow (<< ) on the top right to change the mode to “Scan/Fax”


Figure 8 - Location of mode change button


Figure 9 - Scan/Fax button in top right

  1. From the new scan page, select to either search for the address (if it’s an internal email) or manually search for the address
  1. INTERNAL – Click on the black bar for “Please set search conditions” and type in the name of the INTERNAL person you are searching for.


Figure 10 - Internal Address Search

Once the name is typed in, click the “Search” button in the bottom right


Figure 11 - Address Search input

The result names will show up in a list. Click on the name that you want (it will highlight yellow) then use the main panel at the bottom to click “Start”




Figure 12 - Location of Selected Email, Start button and button for Main Panel

  1. For EXTERNAL users, use the “Direct Input” option to type in the email. Once you click on “E-mail” a keyboard will pop up to type in the address. Once finished, hit the start button from the main panel on the bottom as shown above



Figure 13 - Direct Input and Email Buttons

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